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How to Play PlayStation 2 Games using PS2 Emulator Free EMUParadise

Play PlayStation 2 Games using PS2 Emulator

PSX Emulators are handy pieces of software that have been around the tech freaks, nerds, and gamers for the last 2 decades. As the name says, they “emulate” the execution pattern of an older console or gaming system into your computer or smartphone to allow you bringing back those games you used to play years ago and revive your childhood. Such is the case of the PS2 emulator, which brings all those millennial memories back of when we played Need for Speed Underground, Shadow of Colossus or Grand Theft Auto.

PS2 Emulator

How much storage is it going to take you?

Depending on the amount of optimizations and plugins it might bring, as well as their developers, a PSX Emulator requires from 2 to 10 megabytes of storage just by itself, without any games included.

ROM’s or the game files themselves are a different case, since these will directly depend on the level of graphic detail and amount of digital environment involved in every game separately. Developers made games for Play Station 2 surrounding 200 to 500 megabytes of storage. A normal PSX Emulator is compatible with emulations of all 3 systems, PSX, PS1 and PS2 as well. The physical PS2 system was also able to reproduce PS1 games.

Do you need a high end CPU to run it? No.

As the 2000’s console it is, the requirements for optimum performance on a PS2 Emulatorare quite below the average of any modern computer, making it more than enough that you have 2 GBs DDR Memory, a dual core processor of 2 GHz or higher, and 512 MB to 1 GB of graphic processing unit.

PlayStation 2 Emulator

You may also want to add a gaming controller to your experience. You can find really good Logitech controllers of the highest quality for 20 to 30 bucks in any tech store nearby. Or if you have the original Play Station controllers, those work too!

Where can you use your Play Station 2 Emulator?

This is definitely not a hard one. A gaming unit released in early 2000’s will not be hard to handle when it comes to where to play it. Practically all versions of the Play Station 2 Emulator work on both Windows and Mac, offering different yearly released versions for compatibility purposes, such as those that were originally not meant to work with Windows 10 or Mac OS 12. Developers have also released versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phones, which are powerful enough to execute any Play Station 2 game smoothly. Any recent mobile phone will definitely nail it down, since they also meet the recommended system requirements in a much smaller casing.

Download PlayStation X – PSX Emulators

Download PS2 Emulator For Windows

PCSX2 [1.4.0] Windows
Size 18M
Version 1.4.0

Download PS2 Emulator For Linux

PCSX2 [1.4.0]  Linux
Size 4.2M
Version 1.4.0

Download PS2 Emulator For Mac OS X

PCSX2 [0.9.7] Mac OS X

Size 11.38M
Version 0.9.7

Download PS2 Emulator Source

PCSX2 [1.4.0] Source
Size 5.8M
Version 1.4.0

Download PS2 Emulator For Android

psx4droid Android
Size 3.28M
Version 5.4.3

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