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Andy vs BlueStacks Choose the best Android emulators on Windows

Andy vs BlueStacks – A Comprehensive Comparison to Choose the Best Android Emulator

Andyroid is one of the most popular Android emulators windows PC. This emulator was initially launched in 2010-2011. This emulator gives top priorities for gaming community, some games are performed very well in Andyroid compared to other emulators. This emulator has a amazing great features where you can control the game play with your android device if it is synced with the emulator. This emulator runs most of the apps available on Google play store including communication apps like hangout, IMO, skype, whatsapp and many more. This emulator helps you to customize everything right from app launching to lock screen. This emulator is suitable to gamers and for multitaskers. Its interface is pretty good and doesn’t need any high-end speed requirements to run this emulator smoothly on your windows PC.

andy emulator download

BlueStacks is one of the most popular free android emulators for windows PC. It is recently lauch. It is a complete android package for the desktop and offers most of the features any commercial user needs. This emulator still works on Android kitkat version and this is nothing short than any other android emulators. The notable features of this emulator are multi-gesture support, seamless integration with computer peripherals like keyboard, mouse and web camera. This emulator is also compatible with Android TV. It is simple to install and its user interface make this emulator as the top app player. BlueStacks received the best software award in CES 2012 for its innovative idea. This android emulator doesn’t need much CPU horse power.

bluestacks emulators for windows

Andy vs BlueStacks Review and Comparison

In this article we are trying our best to give you comprehensive review and in detail comparison of all aspects of Andy and Bluestacks emulators.

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BlueStacks has long been the gold standard for Android emulators on PC. It’s the name everyone knows and BlueStacks always seems to be doing something interesting. However, a new challenger has hit the floor. It’s called Andy. Can it take on the long-time champ? Let’s take a look!

Andy vs BlueStacks

Ease of use and setup {Andy vs BlueStacks}

Our first category or user experience is ease of use and setting it up. After all, what good is an emulator if you can’t figure out how to use it, correct?

BlueStacks Emulator
Bluestacks setting things up was ridiculously easy. You go to the site, download the application, install it, and go. It’s really super easy. Once you’re inside you can browse and install various games and access them on the bar at the top. When it comes to ease of use and setting things up, Bluestacks is practically idiot proof.

Andy Emulator
Now Andy started out the same way. Downloading and installing the app was pretty easy. I did have a problem actually getting it to run but thanks to their support, I was able to figure out the problem. Once you actually start it up, it runs like any Android phone or tablet so the interface is familiar.

Andy does get some points for having a good support staff. They use Facebook as their support page and their people are generally pretty knowledgeable. In fact, shout out to Charlie from Andy because he’s the dude that helped me.

Easy to Setup Winner: BlueStacks Emulator

In Terms of Productivity {Andy vs BlueStacks}

The other really big reason people want Android on their PC is for productivity purposes. It’s a fun operating system to have but it can also help get some work done.

BlueStacks Emulator
Here at Bluestacks doesn’t fail utterly but it comes close. It doesn’t seem to like to run regular Android apps as well it does games and that’s a shame. For instance, there was an excruciating amount of lag when simply typing in Google Drive. It doesn’t recommend any productivity apps so you have to go out of your way to find them. Really, Bluestacks wants to be a gaming emulator and it shows here. That said, there are a few productivity apps that do work well so if you need it for something very light, it could still work.

Andy Emulator
Like we said earlier, Andy focuses on a more rounded experience and this is where it shows. The same sort of problems I was having on Bluestacks weren’t present in Andy. The Google Drive lag wasn’t present, apps loaded quickly and worked well. It’s also worth noting here that Andy can run things like Hangouts, and third party launchers, deliver notifications, and even use widgets. It also runs a higher version of Android than Bluestacks and that means you’ll have a higher app compatibility as well as better app stability.

Productivity Winner: Andy Emulator

Gaming Performance {Andy vs BlueStacks}

One of the major reasons people want Android on their computer is so they can play some amazing games on it. Thankfully, both Andy and BlueStacks support gaming and that’s their main objective.

BlueStacks Emulator
In Bluestacks emulator, it appears as though the main focus is for gaming. They don’t really recommend any normal applications and we assume the recommended games are ones that have been tested with Bluestacks. The games run fairly well. You can get ones in the Play Store that aren’t listed in Bluestacks recommendations but they tend to run a little clunkier than the recommended ones.

Andy Emulator
Andy emulator focuses on an overall experience and offers a lot. It plays games well and in some cases, like Clash of Clans, it actually plays the game better than Bluestacks in terms of stability. This is especially true for network-based games which seemed to load a lot faster on Andy. Andy does have a remote option where you can use your device as a controller for better gaming support if you so choose. BlueStacks does allow game controller support as well but it requires a wired controller.

Best Game Performance Winner: Andy Emulator

Miscellaneous features  {Andy vs BlueStacks}

We have talked about the major stuff, but what about the minor or little things? They matter too! and we can’t ignore them.

BlueStacks Emulator
Bluestacks emulator is pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get deal. In a small way, simplicity is elegance and that means there isn’t as much guess work. That said you can sync Bluestacks with your Android devices to sync app data, texts, and the like if you wanted to. You can also side load applications which is a fairly simple process. Overall, there are some things, but really not that many.

Andy Emulator
You can do pretty much anything with Andy emulator that you can do with an Android phone. That includes sideloading applications, putting files on there from your computer if need be, file browsing, and some stuff we mentioned earlier like fully functioning notifications, widgets, and you can even root it if you need to.

One of the things I really liked personally was the ability to install third party launchers. Since it runs pretty much like any Android device, you can customize it like any Android device so between the custom launchers, wallpapers, widgets, icon packs, etc, you can turn Andy into a little window of customization and make it really yours.

The last thing I want to mention here is the ability to change the specs of Andy. It runs in a virtual machine which is actually customizable. You can open up the Virtual Box that comes with Andy and give it some extra RAM, change how many CPU cores it has, and various other small things as well. Beware, this is advanced user stuff, but you can totally go in there and give this bad boy 3GB of RAM instead of one and actually improve the performance.

Others Features Winner: Andy Emulator

Overall Performance

When we talk about Overall performance, picking which one is better really depends on your needs. If you need something super simple that plays some light games and you really don’t need it to do much else, then Bluestacks is still probably your best bet. After all, like we said earlier, there is an advantage to having simplicity.

However, if you’re willing to go through the slightly more complicated set up process, then Andy is by far the more full-featured Android emulator. It’s way better for customization and productivity and, in some cases, even better at gaming. With the power user stuff available like root and adding resources, Andy is simply a better option for more demographics.

Overall Performance Winner: Andy Emulator

What do you think? Did we score this fairly? Which one would you pick? Let us know your thoughts and stories in the comments below. We have tried our best to give you fully comprehensive review with detail which cover each and every aspect of both emulators. Do share this review and do let us know in the comments section which one is your favorite. We hope you find this helpful and share it on social media like facebook, twitter and google plus. Best of Luck and enjoy these emulators.

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