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Best SNES Emulator for Windows

SNES Emulator– Though its ben 25 years old but we believe Super Nintendo is still able to boast some top best video game of all the time. If you want to experience SNES on your desktop or laptop with windows Operating system, then we must recommend you the best emulator for this job is RetroArch with binary SNES core.

Snes Emulator

SNES EMULATOR RetroArch Features

  • Plays games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the form of ROMs
  • Play games with nearly any USB gamepad and customize the button layout
  • Able to Save and load your state anywhere in the game
  • You can Rewind the game in real time
  • Adjust a myriad of video settings, including shades that add old-school effects or smoothingto your graphics
  • Record a video of your gameplay, or record your button presses to a BSV file
  • Play online with friends using Net play.


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How to Setup RetroArch

RetroArch is quite complicated to setup but here is a quick setup guide.

  • First of all you need to download the latest version of RetroArch from the download link available below. It comes as a 7z file so you’ll need 7-Zipinstalled to extract it.
  • Open the 7z archive and extract the files wherever you want (I recommend C:\Program Files\RetroArch).
  • Double-click on the RetroArch exe to start it up. You can navigate the interface with the arrow keys, press X to select, or Z to go back. It also supports a number of USB gamepads out of the box.
  • To load an emulator in RetroArch, you’ll need to install that emulator’s “core”. Head to Online Updater > Core Updater and scroll down until you see the bsnes-mercury cores. If you have a seriously powerful computer (with a higher-than-3GHz CPU), try bsnes-mercury-accuracy. If your computer is more low-powered, go with bsnes-mercury-balanced or bsnes-mercury-performance instead.
  • Return to the main menu, and to go Load Content > Select File and Detect Core. Select a ROM file from your hard drive to start playing.


Why RetroArch

The biggest edge of RetroArch is its massive number of settings. This might be a kind of headache and cause of irritation for some users but you know it allows you to create a good emulation and will provide you best emulation experience. The experience with emulation can be best by enabling GPU for lower input lag or you can add more share for classic CRT Look.

Among the SNES emulator the BSNES core is the best and accurate emulator which clearly says that there is no to little bugs or errors in any game. If you have the resource to run the emulator then it should work perfectly.

Download RetroArch

RetroArch (with bsnes-mercury Core)

Platform Windows, Linux, Mac
Price Free
Download Link

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