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Mame EmulatorFree Emuparadise provide the comple detail of Emulators. Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator or M.A.M.E (sometimes MAME) is an open-source project, which aims to replicate the hardware of video game machines with the aid of software to make the games on other hardware workable. The game is therefore pre-emptied by M.A.M.E, it runs on its familiar hardware.

MAME Emulator (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator acronym) is not an emulator of a single machine, it is a multiple emulator of arcade machines whose aim is to reproduce most faithfully hundreds of arcade systems and that Emulates more than 3000 games at the moment (all very correctly). In short, it is a game emulator of type “terminal of arcades”. So, MAME gives you the opportunity to play Pacman, Donkey Kong, Tetris, SEGA, and so on.

Mame Emulator

MAME32 Emulator and these multiple versions is an emulator that will allow you to find at home multiple arcades from 1975 to the present day, this emulator is the most complete emulating arcade, enough to satisfy your thirst for “vintage gaming” and To remind you of the time when you were going to put pieces in the terminals of Pac-Man, Galaga. MAME is a free open source software, it has its own license and is therefore not FLOSS.

MAME Emulator contains several components: several hardware emulators that mimic the behavior of the processors and motherboards of the supported arcade terminals; An input emulator that simulates arcade joysticks by keyboards or other peripherals; An emulator to simulate and redirect the audio and video outputs of the arcade terminals to the respective outputs of the computer. The only thing that MAME does not provide for legal reasons are the various bios of emulated arcade terminals as well as the ROMs of the original games.

MAME is a free emulator is very regularly updated, (up to several times a week!)The hardware requirements for M.A.M.E are quite manageable. I know people who have M.A.M.E on a computer with 150 MHz, a 32MB “big” memory and Windows 98 running. Whether the single game is really good, if Smooth running depends of course on the individual title. Whoever thinks that a game from the year 2000 can be played on this hardware will soon realize that this venture is not possible or only very limited.

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Origin of MAME Emulator

M.A.M.E was originally developed from the end of 1996 by Nicola Salmoria. The first version of M.A.M.E was published on February 5, 1997, bearing the version number 0.1. In the meantime M.A.M.E is guarded and maintained by several dozen people. In the meantime, approximately 13,000 different ROMs are being used by M.A.M.E. supported. Mind you ROMs, not games. About half of them are really separate games. The other half are just other versions of a game that have their own ROM file. These ROMs are distributed over 500 different vendors and approximately 900 different machine types. All of them “only” game machines, which are based on a programmed microprocessor. Older machines based on the transistor-transistor logic are outside. MAME now supports 3101 games and 5632 Roma, this number growing steadily. However, not all games are running and 652 ROMs can still be counted in this situation.

Different versions of MAME Emulators

Many versions of MAME are available, the original version in back (very much used for MAME CABs, (arcade terminals using the emulator to replace the original hardware and booting directly on the emulator).

The DOS version is the fastest, but there are also many different versions optimized like the Plus! Versions, and versions optimized for the different processors on the market such as the AMD or Pentium 4 versions.


In the meantime, you can get the impression that there are so many different variants of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator as games are supported. Although this is not quite the case, there are actually a large number of different variants by M.A.M.E. We will focus on MAMEUI, formerly known as MAME32.


M.A.M.E is actually a program for the Windows Command-line and has no user interface, as it is used by Windows, which can be easily operated with the mouse. In the meantime, there is also a rudimentary user interface for the command-line version, which, however, is lagged behind by MAMEUI and is not so easy to use. This is especially the case when you have many ROMs. While with the help of MAMEUI you can easily search the desired title with the mouse and can scroll through a list of games just as fast or slow as usual from Windows, this does not happen with the Command-line variant, for example.

You can only scroll by using the arrow keys or by entering the first characters of the play track. Alternatively, you can start a game by entering Mame.exe [game name]. This is not the full name of the game, but the name of the zip file into which the files of the game are packed. These zip data are partly cryptically named. Two versions are available for download, namely MAMEUI64 and MAMEUI32.

Mame Emulator

The command-line version of M.A.M.E in use under Windows

It is also important to note that M.A.M.E -and this does not contain any ROMs or games, regardless of the version. These are, for legal reasons, not together with M.A.M.E. available. Copyright protected ROMs may not be referred to simply as this is usually a copyright offense. There are, however, some freely available ROMs, which are explicitly provided by the manufacturers for M.A.M.E. Were made available. These ROMs can be found on the official website of M.A.M.E. And they can also be used to test the functionality of the Mame Emulator.

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