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Download Nintendo DS Emulator for Windows

Nintendo DS emulator was released in 2004 by Nintendo, and it was known as the first handheld device that featured two displays that appeared a different version of Nintendo ds lite in 2006, it had bright screen, lighter weight, and lesser size. Nintendo DS also offers the ability to connect multiple DS consoles directly to each other via Wi-Fi in a short area without the need to connect to an existing wireless network. Alternatively, they could interact online with the now closed Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service.

Technical specifications of Nintendo DS emulator

  • Lower screen is a touchscreen
  • Color: 260,000 colors display
  • Wireless communication: IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo’s proprietary format
  • Multiple users can play multiplayer games with only one DS game card
  • Input / Output: Ports for playing cards both Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance game packs, terminals for stereo headphones and Microphone Controls
  • Other features: Embedded Picto chat software that can chat up to 16 users at the same time; Integrated real-time clock; Date, time and alarm; Touch screen calibration
  • CPUs: An ARM9 and an ARM7
  • Sound: Stereo speakers Provide virtual surround sound, depending on software
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery provides six to ten hours of game time when charging within four hours, depending on use; Power-saving sleep mode; AC adapter

Why do people want Nintendo DS Emulator?

Today we have much more advanced console devices that we can enjoy some people like to still develop Nintendo DS games on their systems to play so that developers have been trying for years to emulate the Nintendo DS systems on the new advanced devices.

Nintendo DS Emulator

Supported operating systems and theory of DS Emulators:

Nintendo DS Emulators are developed for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • MAC OS X

Emulation works through the behavior of the processor and treat the individual components. They do all the individual parts of the system to build and connect the pieces a lot like to do wires in the hardware.

The top DS Emulators:

  • The DeSmuME Emulator
  • No $ GBA Emulator
  • The DuoS Emulator
  • TheShiny Emulator

The DeSmuME Emulator:

DeSmuMe is a Nintendo DS simulator for Windows. This allows you to play all the games you can download on the Internet. On the DeSmuMe website you can see which games are supported. The games cannot be downloaded directly there, they have to be on the Internet.

Super Mario 64 DS, Star Wars Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith , Bomberman , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3… These are just some examples, the selection is quite large.

The application was written in C ++ and can also emulate the WLAN connection. The games are used with the following keys: Z – A, X – B, A – Y, S – X, Q – L, W – R, Enter – Start, The mouse replaces the touchscreen. It supports many Homebrew Nintendo DS demos and some wireless multi boot demos.

Features and functionalities:

  • Filter to improve image quality and has software (Soft rasterizer) and OpenGL rendering.
  • This emulator has a great graphics and great sound support with very small errors never slowed down.


  • High level emulation with optimized performance.
  • Great graphics quality.
  • Microphone support included.
  • Most commercial games are running.


  • Almost no.

No$GBA Emulator:

NO $ GBA is an emulator for Windows and DOS. There may be commercial support and Homebrew Game Boy Advance ROMs, the company claims it, Such as no crash GBA most highlighted features multiple cartridge readers, multiplayer, multiple NDS ROMs.

Features and functionalities:

  • Emulator with multiplayer support
  • Load several cartridges
  • Great sound support


  • Supports most commercial games
  • Multiplayer support is a plus
  • Fine graphics.
  • NO $ GBA requires less system resources


  • Costs money and sometimes does not work even after updates.

The DuoS Emulator:

Nintendo DS Developer Roor has released a new and interesting Nintendo DS emulator to be used for the PC. This Nintendo DS emulator is commonly known as DuoS, and if we can take something away from the first version of the project then we are in stock for some great things from this developer. It is written in C ++ and is able to run almost all commercial games under Windows and makes use of the GPU acceleration hardware as well as a dynamic recompiler. This emulator is also known as also run at the lower end PCs without consuming excessive resources.

Features and functionalities:

  • Super-fast emulator
  • Supported store state system.
  • Full-screen resolution supported
  • Good sound support


  • Games can be run on slower PCs.
  • GPU acceleration brings graphics to life.
  • Almost all commercial games can be run.


  • Some minor flaws

TheShiny Emulator:

TheShiny is the Nintendo DS emulator in the Higan multipage emulator. Higan was formerly known as Bsn. TheShiny is an experimental free video game emulator for the Nintendo DS, created and developed by Cydrak and licensed under the GNU GPL v3. TheShiny was originally taken as a Nintendo DS emulation core in the multi-system Nintendo emulator -Higan, but in v092, and now exists as a separate, separate project. The Shiny is written in C ++ and C and is available for Windows, OS X and GNU / Linux.

Features and functionalities:

  • Good graphics and sound support
  • Optimized emulator quickly
  • Full-screen mode supported


  • Supported by multiple OS
  • Graphics are fair
  • Sound support is good


  • Contains some bugs and crashes a lot
  • Game compatibility issues.

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