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Download YouWave Emulator for PC and Android

Download YouWave Emulator for PC and Android

Download YouWave Emulator is the older android emulator for PC. In mid-2016, it was lastly updated. Ice Cream Sandwich use as a free version. Installation is easy enough. It does not have game features. Computer users who want to try Android on a Windows PC now have plenty of good software features. Download YouWave Emulator is an Android emulator for the Windows platform. It allows you to enjoy all the features that bring a touchpad to a PC.

youwave emulator download

Download YouWave Emulator is an android emulator for the Android OS, which makes 2.3 applications and games of Gingerbread version active so you can try it from your computer just like you can on your phone without having to download games anyway. YouWave Emulator takes your device to perfection, offers a variety of functions such as saving games from the Android interface to a mobile keyboard and even an SD card simulator, or multi-player online modes. This emulator has the same menu items as it does on the phone: music, tools, navigation, and gallery. Moreover, the program brings with it the rotation dynamics; so you can use it more comfortably. With this tool, you can download, run and use any application you want directly from the Android Market (version 2.3.4 only) or APK version. All you need to use the Android Market is to have a Google ID to access from the browser, download your favourite apps, and save the system before the program closes.

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Application: YouWave offers the possibility to the user to launch programs from the Android platform on his computer. It is for this reason allowed to download them on the sharing sites or run them online.

Call: This option allows you to communicate through a voice chat. To do this, the user can select contacts from his database or dial a number on the keypad.


With YouWave for Android, you can run all the apps and games you see in the Android Market without having to android phone. Do not worry if you do not have an Android phone. On YouTube for Android, you can run all programs and games on your Android. YouWave is the most popular emulator for your android pc because it is quick and easy to set up because of less CPU usage. Once installed, run the Google Play Store and you can enjoy your favourite PC on your unlimited number of Android apps. This application has various utilities such as a Calculator, a note tool and a source code editor.

Advantages of Download YouWave Emulator:

  • it’s fast
  • Google Play Store lets you download and install apps at any time
  • Supports push notifications
  • Support for synchronizing apps with mobile
  • Multiple screen sizes mobile
  • Multi-touch support
  • Cloud recording on Android
  • X86 native applications
  • activate the multiplayer online game

Disadvantages of Download YouWave Emulator:

  • No support for phone as controller
  • Limited ARM support
  • No OpenGL support
  • Developers do not support
  • Does not have camera integration
  • No microphone integration
  • It is for sale
  • Cannot send text messages
  • Does not support the multi-touch screen

Download YouWave Emulator

Download YouWave Emulator Android Apps on Windows PC


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