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Download Emulators for windows, Mac, Android and IOS. Emulators of Atari, Sega, PSX Emulators and much more.

Emulators And Types of Emulators

What is Free EmuParadise?

At Free EmuParadise you will get all information about the Emulators and we promise to provide you all the download links of the latest emulators from all of the most famous vendors of emulators. We are also planning to provide on demand free Emulators so don’t hesitate to ask us about the latest emulators. We appreciate your participation to serve the game lovers in term of uploading any famous or trending emulators.

Free Emuparadise

What is Emulators?

An emulator is a software whose role is to reproduce the behavior of an obsolete computer. The computer or device on which the emulator works then behaves like the machine you want to emulate. In the case of microcomputers, the emulator reconstructs the resources that the original machine had. It uses a portion of the microprocessor and the RAM, and recreates the tape or diskette drives virtually on the hard disk. In the case of video games, emulators are used to run old console games on newer models or on computers. Many nostalgic sites offer to download for free for Windows. But in general, emulation software is a legal problem. Even if the reproduced machines are no longer marketed, the operating systems and most of the old games are still protected by copyright. Consequently, their use (without authorization) is forbidden within an emulation software, otherwise legal. However, there are exceptions. Thus, iPhone owners can download an emulator of Chip-8, a programming language that was used on the first microcomputers of the 1970s, available with Car, the game that had made its success.


  • Emulators allow users to continue our work on the consoles that are queued.
  • Many emulators are already released under the GNU General Public License on a large scale collaboration.
  • Despite the original cost of developing an emulator, it can prove to be the cost-efficient solution.

Types of Emulators

  • PSX Emulators
  • NDS Emulators
  • PSP Emulators
  • PS2 Emulators
  • N64 Emulators
  • GCN Emulators
  • GBA Emulators
  • SNES Emulators
  • MAME Emulators
  • NES Emulators
  • XBOX Emulators

Emulators Supporting Platforms

At Free EmuParadise you will have the emulators for the following four major platforms

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MAC
  • Android
  • IOS

3DS (NDS) Emulator

The 3DS emulator is an emulator of the Nintendo 3DS. This program allows you to play most 3DS games on your PC, your Android device or on your Mac. The most popular games are Pokémon X, Pokémon Y and Super Mario.

Xbox 360 Emulator

With this emulator, you can discover everything you would do if you had a real console. You do not even need to have a controller to use this particle program. You can use your keyboard to control the games you play using this emulator.

PS3 (PSX) emulator

By emulating your PS3 games, you save a lot of money by not buying the console itself. The graphics of this emulator are optimized for the PC, but also playable on any Android device. If you are wondering how this program is updated, it is automatically updated to the latest version.

WII Emulator

The WII emulator can only be used on your computer. Android and Mac will soon be available, developers are working hard to finish them as soon as possible. Each game is playable for free, even the most recent games will be imported into the emulator within a month after their release.

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