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PS4 Emulator For Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Nokia

When this console, the PlayStation 4, was released back in 2013, it was unbelievably good both for its performance and the numerous numbers of games you could play with it – but with a really high cost. Also, most of these games were only available on the PS4, making a lot of people fail to enjoy from these fabulous creations. But then there was released a solution for this, the PS4 Emulator to help people enjoy these games on their computers without any problem.

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What Is a PS4 Emulator Exactly?

An emulator is a computer software designed to mimic or imitate the performance of a gaming console. These emulators are made by professional teams of programmers and software designers who study the console algorithms, principles and hardware in order to allow the software to run console games easily. And what’s better, these games don’t need to be original or come in discs, as the PS4 Emulator, for example, it is only needed the ROM file or game in digital.

How is an Emulator Created?

The task of creating an emulator, even the oldest ones like the PSX emulator, can be incredibly complex and difficult. It demands a vast knowledge on programming, software creation and hardware, as well as knowing how to modify games files to be used in these emulators with the use of decryption tools.

However, unlike other emulators, the PlayStation 4 Emulator was harder and more difficult than previous ones and from other consoles like Sega Genesis, the NES, the N64, the DS or even its competitor, the XBOX one. This happens due to the use of Blu-ray Discs for games and new types of encryption for this console that were developed by SONY, which was really hard to decipher.

Still, the task was accomplished and the emulator was created successfully, allowing millions of users around the globe to use top-notch technology to play a PS4 game on a computer.


Which Games Can Be Played on A PlayStation Emulator?

Unlike a PSX emulator, the PS4 one allows users to play any type of game available in its ROM file. Most of these games are also decrypted from its Blu-ray version and adapted to work without the PS4 hardware. Yet, most games that are used on these emulators need to be studied and hacked, so newest games may not even be available until 4 to 5 months after they’ve been released.

So, if you are looking to play PS4 Games, this may as well be your best option if you can’t afford an original PlayStation 4. Try it today and see for yourself!

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PlayStation 4 Emulator For Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Nokia

Download PS4 Emulator For Windows

ePSXe [2.0.5] Windows
Size 1.3M
Version 2.0.5

Download PS4 Emulator For Linux

ePSXe  Linux
Size 176.18K
Version Linux

Download PS4 Emulator For Mac OS X

pcsx [1.5] Mac OS X
Size 1247.61K
Version 1.5

Download PS4 Emulator For Nokia

eq pcsx [0.1] Source
Size 354.72K
Version 0.1

Download PS4 Emulator For Android

FPse [0.10.19] Android
Size 1102.65K
Version 0.10.19

These emulator are working and tested on each platform mentioned. We have tried our best to provide the working and tested emulator for you. Now its your time to do us the favor by Do share these amazing PS4 Emulator for you PlayStation 4. And enjoy playing your favorite PS4 games on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android

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