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Tested PS3 Emulator Download For Windows, Mac OS X, Android

Are you looking for working PS3 Emulator and enjoy your PlayStation 3 Games which you are missing there days. As time passes, the PS4 and PS4 Pro take over the market, and some of your favorite games are being discontinued from sale, and the favorite console of a lot of people is completely fading from the gaming market. This is why the PS3 Emulator was developed in order to keep the dream alive and take additional rounds on those games that left a mark in you, such as that amazing The Last of Us, God of War Ascension, or the almighty Tekken revolutions. It is the case with all those fairly modern games that are not available on any other platform but the Play Station 3.

Download PSX Emulators

ps3 emulator

The Hardware and gaming specs

First let’s take a look on what it takes for your computer to be able to run these games.

Unlike its predecessor, the PSX Emulator, the PS3 emulator will demand you to have a high end computer in order to work properly and smoothly. It was in the PS3 years that consoles started to use the famous Unreal 3 engine for 3D games, as well as going into a full 1080p resolution, so that’s quite a commitment.

As the experts, we highly suggest you rig yourself up with at least 2 gigabytes of Graphics Processing Unit, and 4 cores of high speed processing. You may want to take a look at the NVIDIA early GTX models, or the AMD Radeon R5 and R7 models; as well as the AMD FX series or the Intel i3-i5 processing units.

The PSX Emulator back then did not strain your hard drive a lot, and you could literally store it anywhere, even a flash drive. However, the case is slightly different for this round. The development companies made a really huge leap on graphic engines for design in the transition to this generation of gaming technology, by creating games that are even 5 times the size.

In order to store games in your Play Station 3 Emulator properly, experts recommend you take at least 500 gigabytes of dedicated storage for that, since the games for this generation go from 10 to 30 gigabytes in size, with potential updates and additional downloadable content.


Play Station 3 Emulators are available on both Windows and Mac computers, while keeping high system requirements. Any operative system from post 2010s will hopefully do the job for you just fine.

playstation 3 emulator


  • RPCS3 for Windows and Linux.
    This one also includes a debugger written in C++
  • ESX for Windows.
    A great option to run PS3 exclusive titles at native graphics.
  • Play Station 3 for Mac.
    The alternate option for Mac users.

Download PlayStation X – PSX Emulators

Working PlayStation 3 – PS3 Emulator Free Download

Download PS3 Emulator For Windows

ePSXe [2.0.5] Windows
Size 1.3M
Version 2.0.5

Download PS3 Emulator For Linux

ePSXe  Linux
Size 176.18K
Version Linux

Download PS3 Emulator For Mac OS X

pcsx [1.5] Mac OS X
Size 1247.61K
Version 1.5

Download PS3 Emulator For Nokia

eq pcsx [0.1] Source
Size 354.72K
Version 0.1

Download PS3 Emulator For Android

FPse [0.10.19] Android
Size 1102.65K
Version 0.10.19

These above emulator are working and tested on each platform. Do share these amazing PS3 Emulator for PlayStation 3. Also enjoy playing your favorite PS 3 games on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android with these Emulators

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