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Uncover the Magical PS1 Emulator at Free EMUParadise

PS1 Emulator Download at Free EMUParadise

A PS1 emulator is a handy way to bring back memories of your all time popular classic games, such as Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross or the first Tekken games. It works as an application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Nokia, Windows PC or even Play Station 2; that will not require you to have the actual console at hand, nor the physical games on CD’s. You will be able to download everything digitally completely free of risk to take it anywhere with you.

ps1 emulator

Storage Requirements

A PSX Emulator requires from 2 to 10 megabytes of storage depending on the amount of functions, configurations or plugins it might bring with it for optimizations and graphical or sound enhancement.

The storage requirement for the game files, better known as ROM’s are a bigger requirement that go from 100 to 500 megabytes depending on the type of game, the level of graphics and the overall length of the game, which makes it involve more maps, characters and textures. A regular PSX Emulator can emulate games from PSX, PS1, and PS2 as well, which have a fairly notable gap on size.

Hardware requirements

In a regular situation where you have mixed games from all 3 consoles, an optimum performance on a PS1 emulator will involve a minimum of 2 GBs on ram memory, 512 MB of graphics driver memory and a regular dual core processor. Being these requirements met, you will be able to run games smoothly and with no stutters.

The most popular and well developed emulators also recognize any gaming controllers both D-Input and X-Input, as well as the original play station controllers sold by Sony.

PlaySTation 1 Emulator


A Play Station One is a thing of the 90’s, and as such, it is compatible with most operative systems over Windows XP and Mac OS X. Most developers also prepare updates that will allow them working on modern computers with Windows 10 or Mac Sierra. They have also created Play Station 1 emulator versions for Android systems as a compatible app. It is also interesting for you to know that if you own a modern computer, you will not have to worry at all about the hardware requirements mentioned above, since any low budget laptop or desktop computer will meet requirements that are above the requirements.


  • Android has shown the FPse and psx4droid as the top choices for the gamers.
  • Both work on Android 4 and more recent systems.
  • ePSXe and PCSX are 2 wonderful options available for Windows that offer BIOS, Plugins and alternative starter packs.
  • PCSX also has an alternative for Mac.

Download Magical PSX Emulators

Download PS1 Emulator For Windows

ePSXe [2.0.5] Windows
Size 1.3M
Version 2.0.5

Download PS1 Emulator For Linux

ePSXe  Linux
Size 176.18K
Version Linux

Download PS1 Emulator For Mac OS X

pcsx [1.5] Mac OS X

Size 1247.61K
Version 1.5

Download PS1 Emulator For Nokia

eq pcsx [0.1] Nokia
Size 354.72K
Version 0.1

Download PS1 Emulator For Android

FPse [0.10.19] Android
Size 1102.65K
Version 0.10.19

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