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Windows Compatible Visual Boy Advance – VBA EMUParadise Emulator

Free EMUParadiseVisual Boy Advance Emulator – Windows Compatible

Visual Boy Advance Emulator- Like Free EMU Paradise every one of us understand that GameBoy Advance in one of the advance Nintendo’s Handheld Console for Windows Mac and Android. Definitely you have or you want to get experience of this console. You can now download this VBA Emulator on your computer with the so called Emulator Named Visual Boy Advance (VBA).

VBa – Visual Boy Advance Emulator is one of the comprehensive emulator which perfectly simulates the performance and use of the Nintendo’s Console.

Visual Boy Advance Emulator

With Visual Boy Advance VBA you can not only be able to play all of the popular GameBoy Advance Games, but you can also be capable of playing all of the Original GameBoy Games on Windows, Mac OSX and Android.

Support of Visual Boy Advance Emulator

  • Thousands of Video Resolutions.
  • Multiple Modes of videos.
  • A Perfect set of controls.
  • 10 Free spaces in order to back up your games anytime.

If you are curious about GameBoy or Gameboy Advance GBA then VBA – Visual Boy Advance is one of the perfect program for you.

Visual Boy Advance Emulator Features

Visual Boy Advance Emulator VBA

Visual Boy Advance Emulator have the following features

  • Visual Boy Advance has the compatibility with the followings
    • GameBoy
    • GameBoy Color
    • GameBoy Advance ROMS
  • Can import and export features of local saved games from one to another
  • It’s Supports Full save State.
  • Visual Boy Advance Support Joystick.
  • It Support the color Palette of
    • Super Game Boy
    • Super Game Boy 2
  • Emulation of Game Boy Printer.
  • Patching of IP (Internet Protocol) in Real Time.
  • Have Hacking and debugging Tools comprises of loggers, viewers and editor.
    • The so called SDL version also include the debugger of Game Boy Advance.

Download Dolphin Emulator 5.0 – EMUParadise

Download GBA – Game Boy Advance Emulator – EMUParadise

  • Visual Boy Advance support the Auto-fire.
  • Speed-up Key
  • Support of Full Screen Mode.
  • Screen Shot Capturing Mode.
  • In windows version it provides full support for GameShark for Game Boy Advance and for cheat code Breaker.
  • Audio Video Recording in WAV and AVI formats.
  • Graphic user interface Skinning Support.
    • 2xSal
    • Super 2xSal
    • Super Eagle
    • AdvaneMAME
    • Motion Blur
    • Pixelate
  • Filters of Graphics which are used to enhance the display

Above all of this VBA Visual Boy Advance-M adds the following features.

  • HQ3x or 4x filters for pixel.
  • Linking over Local Area Network (LAN) and Internet.


Anyhow, if you want to play games from Gameboy Advance or Gameboy  on Windows then the great choice is Visual Boy Advance Emulator which you can easily play on Windows 10, 8, 7,1, MAC OSX and Android.

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